Compact fluorescent lamp Ralux®Twin RX-TW 18W/840/2G10

Article No.: 31311237

RX-TW 18W/840/2G10

  • dimmable ja
  • Lamp nominal wattage 18 W
  • Mean service life 13000 h
  • Base 2G10 (4-pins)
  • Luminous flux 1100 lm

Logistic Data

Article No.31311237
CodeRX-TW 18W/840/2G10
Product EAN4008597112379
Customs tariff no.85393190
Box quantitiy (pcs.)10
EAN Box4008597412370
Gross weight of box in kg0.991
Length of box in m0.28
Width of box in m0.1
Height of box in m0.15
Pieces per palette3200
EAN Palett4008597612374
ETIM classEC000087
ETIM class nameCompact fluorescent lamp Non integrated

Electric Parameters

Lamp nominal wattage18 W
Rated wattage18.0 W
Mains voltage230 V
Compensation capacitor for 50Hz operation4.2 µF
Energy Consumption kWh/1000h20

Light Application Parameters

Luminous flux1100 lm
max. luminous flux at25 °C
Rated lamp luminous flux1100 lm
Luminous efficiency61.11 lm/W
Radium light colourwhite
Colour temperature4000 K
Colour rendering index Ra80-89
Colour rendering group80-89 (Klasse 1B)
Mean luminance2.4

Service Life

Mean service life13000 h
Info about service life3B50, HF
Lamp survival factor at 2000h0.99
Lamp survival factor at 4000h0.99
Lamp survival factor at 6000h0.95
Lamp survival factor at 8000h0.88
Lamp survival factor at 12000h0.64
Lumen maintenance at 2000h0.90
Lumen maintenance at 4000h0.86
Lumen maintenance at 6000h0.83
Lumen maintenance at 8000h0.81
Lumen maintenance at 12000h0.79
Operation mode for LLMF/LSFHF


Diameter max.79 mm
Length max.122 mm
Overall length122 mm
Energylabel from 2013A
Suitable for indoorsYes
Mercury content1.8 mg
Base2G10 (4-pins)
no. of tubes2

Notes on Operation

Starter / IngnitorECG ; Starter
Ignition assured down to about (°C)-15
Suitable for electronic control gearYes
Operation with ECG+
Serial connection possible+
Suitable for DC (with suitable control gear)+
Suitable for emergency power supply (with suitable control gear)+
without starter and capacitor+


EU DirectiveTIM
ILCOS nameFSS-18/840-E-2G10
LBS nameTC-FEL 18W/840 2G10



    IEC/EN 60061-1
    sheet 7004-118-1


  • Natural daylight is a mixture of direct sunlight and the light of the sky. Therefore, its spectral composition changes permanently due to the changing time of day. The standardised light classification D65 corresponds to a daylight with a colour temperature of approximately 6500 K.
    Every fluorescent lamp type has got an individual spectral power distribution according to its phosphor coating inside the bulb. From this result important properties light colour or colour rendering.
    Visible region from 380 to 780 nm; height of graph corresponding with relative spectral emission (400mW/klm) per 10nm.

    light colour 840 Spectralux® white (21)

    daylight(D 65)

Special features

    Please, dump as special waste, no ordinary household waste!

General notes

  • The technical design data in accordance with DIN and IEC. The producer does not take any responsibility for damage to persons or property in case of unsuitable operation or handling of the product. Operating data and dimensions are valid within the usual tolerances. Related lamp types (different bases, mains voltages) may be available on request. Sale and delivery are effected in accordance with the Radium Terms of Delivery and Payment valid on the day of conclusion of contract. Packing units offer economical advantages to the purchase and logistic department. Please match your quantity volume accordingly. For orders of a minimum quantity (clefts) with a lamp model the amount lower than the volume of each packaging unit, we will invoice 10 % additional charge per lamp type. Technical changes and terms of delivery are reserved. Manipulation of any kind to packaging or product is not permissible as this will violate Radium brand rights. Furthermore, technical properties of the product can change to its disadvantage or even destruction. Therefore, Radium cannot be responsible for consequential damages.
    ® = Registered trademark
    Subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.